We have earned the outstanding reputation we are known for today by operating with integrity and professionalism! If you are in the market for a new or used vessel, our thorough surveys will assist you in making informed decisions. Or perhaps you are seeking a Condition & Valuation survey for insurance purposes? We pride ourselves on producing quality work in a timely manner.


If your vessel requires transportation across an ocean, island chain, or along a coastline, our competent Yacht Delivery Crew will provide safe passage of your vessel utilizing Paul Exner’s Go Anywhere by Sail approach, which provides tried & true methodical approaches to piloting at sea. Here at VMS, we are

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Professional Services

Sail Boat

Pre-Purchase Survey

A Pre-purchase survey is a (C&V) survey with a complete inspection of the hull, including the bottom, and in most cases should include a sea trial. This is the most complete survey and is recommended when purchasing a used vessel. The overall condition of the vessel,  equipment, and engines will be assessed. This inspection will also determine the fair market value and condition of the vessel. 

When you hire us to perform a Pre-Purchase Survey, you can rest assured that we will perform an in depth inspection of the vessel and its systems, so you know exactly what you are buying.

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 Yacht Delivery

If you are seeking a professional yacht delivery outfit that is reliable, committed, and that operates with integrity, then look no further.  VMS employs competent captains that embody excellence. Furthermore, our captains are certified in Paul Exner’s Go Anywhere by Sail methods, ​providing our team with a standardized approach to systematically pilot a vessel at sea. This strategic methodology combined with our expertise has created a delivery outfit which is unprecedented!  

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Marine Consulting

Since its founding, Valley Maritime Services has been a trusted name in the industry. Utilizing our experience and expertise we cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve.

State Safety Inspection

The state of Hawaii requires all Uninspected Passenger Vessels and vessels with a state mooring permit to complete a satisfactory vessel inspection. Our inspection reports are valid for two years and accepted throughout the state of Hawaii.

Cargo Container

Shipping Container Inspection

ISO/CSC shipping containers are subjected to rules that indicate a periodic inspection be conducted by a trained inspector. We conduct these inspections routinely.

Ultrasound Survey

Ultrasound equipment is used to evaluate the vessels hull components condition, density, and thickness. Often, owners and buyers of metal vessel need to know the exact condition and thickness of the hull. Our Ultrasound equipment can be used on metal or fiberglass.


Condition & Valuation Survey

C&V surveys are usually needed by insurance companies and financial institutions to determine the condition and value so that the amount of insurance coverage or financing needed can be determined. This type of survey can also be used to determine the fair market value of a vessel for Estate purposes or to value a vessel which may be donated to a Charitable organization.